400kHz Breakout Board for I2C Bus

400kHz Breakout Board for I<sup>2</sup>C Bus

SparkFun’s BOB-14589 differential I2C breakout board is a quick and easy way to extend the range of an I2C communication bus. It supports data rates of up to 400kHz and draws 16µA of current, and features two Qwiic connectors, 3V to 5.5V differential supply voltage and 2.3V to 5.5V I2C supply voltage. Suitable for outdoor applications, this board is designed to evaluate NXP’s PACA9615 ICs, which convert two default I2C signals into four differential signals, two for SCL and two for SDA. Enabling I2C signals to reach distances of up to 100ft, these differential signals are sent over an Ethernet cable that is attached to the breakout board through RJ-45 connectors.